What We’re Listening To: December 2022

GABRIEL – Neu – 50! 5LP box set
“Their first 3 records are so original, and of course they are one of the pioneers of Krautrock. The 2LP tribute album also has some bands I’d wanna hear, including the Idles, Guerilla Toss, and Mogwai.

Ryan- Jacks – Vacant World LP
“One of the first Japanese pop bands to sing about bummer stuff, and the Mesh Key label does awesome re-issues. They’re like the Japanese Velvet Underground.”

D.A.- Oog Bogo – Plastic LP
“Really solid throbbing post-punk that doesn’t sound like everyone else. This is possibly my pick for the best album of 2022.”

Josh- Big Star – #1 Record LP
“One of the best power pop records of all time and I get excited every time I see it. It’s also the first time I’ve seen a good re-issue of it in the shop.” 

Mike T.- Hekt, Lande – House Without a View LP (purple vinyl)
“Lande Hekt is a singer/songwriter from Bristol, UK who made a name fronting the pop/punk DIY powerhouse band Muncie Girls. On their sophomore album ‘A House Without a View’ finds Lande more in confessional songwriting mode serving up some truly amazing songs about one’s place in their community, music scene, and the world in general.” RIYL: Waxahatchee, Phoebe Bridgers, Try the Pie. 

Annie- Soul Jazz Records presents – Disco Reggae Rockers 2LP (Black Vinyl)
I’m a fan of disco and I love the way they re-do all these 70s and 80s R&B songs on here, like the Glow of Love by Luther Vandross. It’s just a fun summery record to listen to when it’s cold outside. 

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