More Wacky Country Sounds From Denver

By Simone Fohrman If you’ve been digging into the Denver music scene you’ve most likely heard The New Country Sounds of Ryan Wong, released in May.  In my ear it's a perfect clash of the punk attitude with a gentle folk expression, and a good fit for Denver--a reconstruction of the music historically associated with... Continue Reading →

Quits “Feeling It” LP

Review by Duane Davis, October 2023 Listening to the new Quits album "Feeling it," recently released by the reliably noisy Sleeping Giant Glossolalia label, felt a little like being dropped into a lost chapter of Hubert Selby's Last Exit To Brooklyn. There's a dense claustrophobia, a feeling of walls closing in, of impending violence, of... Continue Reading →

Ryan Wong, ‘New Country Sounds’

Review by Duane Davis Uh Oh! I know what you're thinking: 'New Country Sounds'! Merle Haggard with an iPhone and a White claw? Gram Parsons on a yoga mat busting out a Supine Pigeon Pose?? Another Millennial cowboy trying to Waltz Across Brooklyn??? Nope. What we have is a fine set of folk inflected C&W... Continue Reading →

Meet Sundays on 13th Vendor: Wulf Apple

Sundays on 13th is a gathering of micro businesses, artists, musicians, and others that gather every Sunday along 13th Avenue to sell their wares and play/hear some great local music. This article features just one of the many excellent folks who participate.  Wulf Apple is Sarah Eason. As a kid, Sarah   loved dolls and... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of Denver’s Sybil Attack

By Simone Fohrman Hannah Alexander AKA Sybil Attack struck a chord on a Saturday earlier this summer at one of the most captivating shows I’ve seen this year. Hundreds of Denverites poured into the city’s newest DIY space, previously known as the Evan’s School. The building, built in 1904, was silhouetted against the moonlit sky,... Continue Reading →

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