Music is a PUBLIC GOOD: Campaign Update

If you didn't catch it, the Westword picked up the story about the Denver Public Health Department's campaign against having any sound you can recognize as music in the city. After that story hit the streets, Wax Trax and several of you stepped up to defend the shows at a meeting with the City to discuss changes to the ordinance.... Continue Reading →

Case dismissed!

Campaign for "Community Performances" amendment begins The videos and written testimony sent by you, our readers, along with support from other 13th Ave small businesses, helped Wax Trax get a noise citation dismissed at a hearing last week, when the city failed to produce any witness.  The case was about a noise citation leveled at Wax Trax’s Sidewalk... Continue Reading →

Help bring back Sidewalk Shows!

Your local music scene needs you! Last year, one of our neighbors decided to try to end the weekly 2-3 hour long sidewalk shows we've been offering since 2020 (also part of the weekly 13th Ave Flea markets). They filed multiple complaints even before the bands set up, claiming physiological harm-- but their complaint is clearly hostile... Continue Reading →

Noise Ordinance Update

The last time we used this email machine, we were all pissed off about the city’s response to a noise complaint that unfairly targeted our wholesome Sunday sidewalk shows. (btw We had a great relocated show that week over at Bang Up the Elephant with Smokestack Relics and White Rose Motor Oil, pictured at right.)... Continue Reading →

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