Help bring back Sidewalk Shows!

Your local music scene needs you! Last year, one of our neighbors decided to try to end the weekly 2-3 hour long sidewalk shows we’ve been offering since 2020 (also part of the weekly 13th Ave Flea markets).

They filed multiple complaints even before the bands set up, claiming physiological harm– but their complaint is clearly hostile to certain genres of music, and the harm appears to be exaggerated. If you saw, participated, or benefited from the shows we need you to record your own brief, to the point, and poignant thoughts about how the shows benefit you mentally, physically, and socially, on video (<– preferred) or in writing with a self-portrait, with your full name and ZIP code (looking for Denver residents). Please send the results (short and sweet please) to The visuals are key, we’re trying to show there’s real humans involved, and please be positive, anger never persuades!A compilation of the videos will be shared with Denver Public Health and Environment as part of Wax Trax’s defense of the noise citation we received in October 22. You can also be a live witness at our hearing in February. You can also share a video with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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