Meet Sundays on 13th Vendor: Wulf Apple

Sundays on 13th is a gathering of micro businesses, artists, musicians, and others that gather every Sunday along 13th Avenue to sell their wares and play/hear some great local music. This article features just one of the many excellent folks who participate. 

Wulf Apple is Sarah Eason. As a kid, Sarah   loved dolls and nature, in particular the paper dolls she collected from her American Girl Doll magazines. When she started making her own  paper dolls for herself and a few friends, interest quickly grew. “​​I knew there would be other adults out there like me, missing their old paper doll collections,” she said.

The name Wulf Apple comes from her favorite Denver Zoo animal, the Maned Wolf, who has a symbiotic relationship with an apple tree species, both native to Brazil. The wolf spreads the apple seeds while the apple provides digestive benefits for the wolf. 

Many of the paper dolls Sarah creates are based on an animal that was once or is currently residing at our Denver Zoo, though if you catch her at the market you’ll see they are far more elaborate than a typical faithful reproduction She spends time at the zoo studying, sketching, and learning about the animals before putting together one of her creations. 

Wulf Apple’s paper dolls are truly one-of-a-kind and include the endangered black howler monkey or a redtail catfish mermaid. Find Wulf Apple on Instagram, Etsy or in person on the following Sundays on 13th markets: Sunday, August 13, Sunday, September 17, Sunday, October 22. 

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