Quits “Feeling It” LP

Review by Duane Davis, October 2023

Listening to the new Quits album “Feeling it,” recently released by the reliably noisy Sleeping Giant Glossolalia label, felt a little like being dropped into a lost chapter of Hubert Selby’s Last Exit To Brooklyn. There’s a dense claustrophobia, a feeling of walls closing in, of impending violence, of threat, of menace. And then the room explodes.

Selby once said he was ‘a scream looking for a mouth’. Quits have found that mouth.

Heavy, sludgy, loud, ‘Feeling It’ is raw, alive, wary, ready.

Post-Hardcore, it’s a sound made out of hammers and elephant glue. It’ll eat your mitochondria and spit you out as a slime mold on a dung planet orbiting a red dwarf sun in the Horsehead Nebula.

It will not quit.

Ugly. Rude. Fatal.

Quits on this album is a four piece: a twin-guitar attack from Luke Fairchild (who also handles the blow-torch vocals); guitarist Doug Mioducki (officially registered as a seismic event); bass playing from Cyrena Rosati, and Darren Kulback’s deft, deafening barrage on drums that’ll make you think you’re under fire on the Highway to Hell at the city limits of Baghdad.

Yeah: Ugly. Rude. Fatal.

In 1665 the Black Plague entered London and killed off a quarter of the population in 18 months. Ugly, rude, fatal. Everyone looked for a way to ward off the contagion. Some prayed. Some moved to the country. Some wore toads strung around their necks.

You go to see Quits: wear the toad.

Buy the QUITS new album at Wax Trax or stream here.

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