Noise Ordinance Update

The last time we used this email machine, we were all pissed off about the city’s response to a noise complaint that unfairly targeted our wholesome Sunday sidewalk shows. (btw We had a great relocated show that week over at Bang Up the Elephant with Smokestack Relics and White Rose Motor Oil, pictured at right.)

We have since appealed the $250 fine the city assessed to the store, arguing that music on Sundays 1pm-4pm is not psychologically, nor physiologically harmful to anyone. Stay tuned to the Wasted Energy newsletter for the courtroom drama to come! 

Also, we’re still in the process of trying to figure out a loophole or new strategy that will give Wax Trax a way to host local bands here in Capitol Hill. Part of the idea is making our block as vibrant as it ever was. Allies and ideas welcome. 

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